1. While browsing this page, you may click the button below cover page of the ebook; OR
  2. Click at the choosen ebook cover page to go to the page that have details of the ebook. To buy, click button
  3. Click button at the top right to the checkout page before proceed to make payment. Next, click button to confirm purchase
  4. Next, you will be directed to E-Sentral for payment
  5. Check your ebook and amount at the bottom
  6. To make a payment, log in to E-Sentral first. If you are a non-registered user, you may register by clicking button
  7. Next, choose method of payment. Click button
  8. Last but not least, check your purchase details. If satified, click button . Then, fill in the payment details via your choosen bank


  • iOS / iPhone / iPad  
  • Android  
  • Web  
  • Windows 8 NEW

iOS / iPhone / iPad


  1. Go to
  2. Search for "e-Sentral"
  3. Tap 'GET' to install the app

Log In

There are two ways to login into the application on device or phone; either

  1. Via eSentral application - Enter username and password to sign in
  2. Via Facebook - Log in eSentral using Facebook account

Once you are in eSentral application, follow these steps to begin reading


  1. Tap “Download” icon to go to download page
  2. Tap on the ebook you wish to download. You can also use Search Bar to find the ebook.
  3. You can check your download progress by clicking the icon at top right corner of the screen.
  4. When completed, tap “BookShelf” to go back to the previous tab.


  1. Tap the cover of downloaded ebook to start reading.
  2. The display shows that you can now begin reading
  3. Click on top right corner of the screen to bookmark a page
  4. You can also highlight your favourite quotes, find the meaning of words you don't understand and share the quotes to your friends.

  5. Double tap the screen to access functions such as table of content and personalising your reading experience. Your bookmarks can also be traced from table of content.

Android Phones and Tablets


  1. Go to
  2. Search for "e-Sentral"
  3. Tap on to install

Log In

Find application on device or phone; either

  1. Via eSentral application - Enter username and password to sign in.

  2. Via Facebook - Log in eSentral using Facebook account.




To navigate through your account, we have created a dashboard for you. Simply press the list icon on top left of your screen or swipe right.


Here you may find several menu and what it is for:

  1. My Library: Where all your books are located.
  2. Store: It will lead you to our website.
  3. eSentral Zone: COMING SOON!
  4. eSentral Scanner: COMING SOON !
  5. Guide: Manual & navigating in ESentral Apps.
  6. Help & Support: Get connected to our Support Team.
  7. Logout: Logout & Deactivation.



Book Management

Welcome to your new home screen.

  • - Recent shows books which you have recently downloaded and read
  • - while Recommended will show the current bestseller in our website.



My Library

In the your new library, there are 2 main tabs: Purchased and Borrowed.

From here, the you can do several tasks, mainly Read Book, Search & Sort, Create Custom Tab and manage books.



Read book

  1. To read the book, select a book from either Purchased or Borrowed.
  2. Clicking the book will downloads it. Once the book has finished donwloading, there will be a check mark beside the title which indicates it's downloaded.
  3. Start reading by clicking on the book again with check marked.



Search & Sort

  1. Search:
    If you want to look for specific title, click the magnifier icon. You can type your selected title here, then a drop down menu will show below the search bar.

    • If you haven't download the books, tap on the book would download the book to your device.
    • If you have downloaded the book, tap on the book will let you start reading.

  2. Sort:
    You can also sort your books according to Downloaded status, title, and author.



Custom Tab

Some of you may notice another icon beside Borrowed. This is our newest feature, Custom Tab. Now you can create your own favorite collection. To create one, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the "+" icon beside Borrowed.

  2. Choose the name for your new tab, for example. 'Fav', then click "Ok".

  3. Your new custom tab is created.



Manage Custom Tab

  1. Add books: To add books, tap the red icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Search for books you wish to add.

    Click on the book to add it to your new shelf.

  2. Re-Arranging:

    Only in Custom Shelf, you are able to arrange the books in any order you wish.

    Dragging (Tap and Hold the book) the second book to the first position on the shelf will re-arrange the book order.

  3. Remove books:

    To remove any books from your custom tab, tap and hold the book you wish to delete.

  4. Once you let go, you would see a red bar on top of your screen. Click on trash can icon on top right of your screen.

  5. If you change your mind, you can always press the arrow on top left of your screen to go back.

  6. Now the book has been deleted from the shelf.

    *You can always add it back to the shelf if you wished to.



Logout & Deactivate

  1. To logout, go back to your Dashboard.

    Tap on the icon beside your username and email, then click logout.

  2. Another option is to deactivate.

    Click deactivate if you wish to delete all downloaded books from your device.

    *Note you didn't have to repurchase the books.



Reading Functions

[Swipe] to go to the next or previous page

to bookmark a page.

to display the Table of Contents.

to adjust font size, font type, theme and swipe effect.

Desktop PC

Login > Read

Log In

Access the Cloud Reader by entering http:/ into your web browser; either

  1. Via eSentral application - Enter username and password to sign in
  2. Via Facebook - Log in eSentral using Facebook account.


Once you are in eSentral application, follow these steps to begin reading

  1. Hover your mouse over the eBook that you wish to read
  2. Click on
  3. If you have recently purchased an eBook but it is not in the list, please refresh the page by clicking at the upper right hand corner of the page.


Cloud Reader user guide

to give feedback to us

Enter the ebook title you wish to read for a quick search

eBooks that you have purchased

to access profile, deactivate and logout options

to refresh your library

When reading, these are the icons that allows you to navigate the e-reader:

[< >] to go to the next or previous page

Click to go back to your Cloud Library

To access a specific chapter from the current book

to adjust the font type and sizes

Windows Apps


  1. Go to Store

  2. Search for "e-Sentral"

  3. Click/Tap on "Install"

Launch & Log In

  1. You may find eSentral application under "Apps". Right click and choose "Pin to Start" or "Pin to Taskbar" for easier access through either Start Menu or Taskbar.

    Tips: In Surface, you have to do a long click until the options appear at the bottom of the screen instead of right click.
  2. In the apps, you may sign in:
    1. With your user ID – fill in your username and password then click "Sign In"

    2. Via Facebook – A new window leading to Facebook will pop up. Fill in your Facebook details there and click "Log in"

    3. Gmail – Coming Soon !


  1. The first time you use the app, you will be greeted by our welcome screen. Here you may learn how to navigate through the application by swipe / tap arrows to go through the lesson. You can also find it back in Guide.
  2. We have three sections in aiding you to find, download and read your books:
    1. Featured Hub– Interesting books from our website

    2. Downloaded Hub– Books which have been downloaded

    3. Purchased Hub– Books which have been purchased. Note that to read it on your app you have to dowload these books first.

  3. To quickly find books from any list, you can use the search bar on the top right hand corner.


  1. Click on "Purchased". It will show all the books which have been purchased so far. Swipe through the books to find books you wish to dowload.

  2. If you just purchased the book and it has not showed up, click "Refresh".

  3. You may sort your books with the Sort button available at the bottom-right corner of the apps. Sorting can be done according to:
    1. By date
    2. By title
    3. By author

  4. You may also sort by Categories by clicking on "Categories" button on the left of "Sort" button.

  5. Once you find it, click on the book. For example, we will download Buah Hati Meera

  6. You may notice the book will be missing from the "Purchased" section and the word "Downloading" will appear. This means the book is currently being downloaded.

  7. Once the word "Downloading" has disappeared, the downloading process has completed.

Open & Read

  1. Click on "Downloaded". It will show all the books which have been downloaded.

  2. Click on the book you wish to read.
  3. To read your book, you may tap on the arrows or swipe to move between the pages.

  4. You can right click to pull up the page navigation tool. Use "Table of Contents" when you are reading books that are very lengthy in pages and/or have numerous chapters. Drag the sliders if you want to skip few pages.

    Tips: Swipe from bottom of the screen if you are using Surface instead of right click.

  5. To bookmark the pages, click on either of the ribbons on the top left or top right of the screen, depending on which page you wish to bookmark.

  6. If you want to read other books, press right click. An arrow will appear on the top left of the screen. Click on the Arrow to go back to "Purchased" section.

    Tips: Swipe from bottom of the screen if you are using Surface instead of right click

Logout & Deactivate

  1. Click your name at the top right of the screen.

  2. The button will reveal choices to "Logout" and "Deactivate".


  1. I have deactivated my account. What will happened to my downloaded book?
    You will not lose your books. The books will be back on the "Purchased" section
  2. I have purchased a book and downloaded it. However, when I opened it, there is an error message then the book is gone from both "Purchased" and "Downloaded". What should I do?
    Report this to our support at together with the receipt number as your proof of purchase and the name of the books. We will double check the purchase and give your book back.