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Journal of Economics and Policy Vol 1, No. 1-2014
By : Institut Tadbiran Awam Negara (INTAN)

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The Journal of Economics and Policy is an annual publication of the National Institute Public Administration (INTAN) Malaysia. The Journal provides an academic forum and venue for the expression and exchange of views on subjects of Economics, Business, Finance, Public Policy and other related disciplines. This inaugural edition contains 8 articles as follows:
i. The Economics of Free Trade
ii. Capital Controls: Revisiting the Malaysian Experience
iii. Fisher Effect Revisited in Malaysia and Singapore
iv. Entrepreneurial Orientation in Family Enterprises: A Strategic Approach of Behavioural Perspective
v. Venture Capital Investing: Concept and Practice
vi. An Examination of the Validity and Reliability of Performance Measurement Utilisation Scales in Malaysian Government Budgeting: A PLS Approach
vii. Statistics and Evidence Based Policy
viii. Memperkasa Golongan Rentan di Bandar: Implikasi Polisi ke atas Kelompok Gelandangan
Category : Akademik Am
ISBN : ISSN 2289-9227